Linda Carroll-Bradd
~Heartwarming romance laced with sass~
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Welcome to my website for stories about people overcoming obstacles to build a strong romantic bond. Humor is part of the mix and the locations often have a tie to Texas, either in this century or in ones past. Come, the magic of love.

Welcome to Fiction Fanatics Feud!

Have fun by answering Family Feud-type questions, getting to know new authors, AND winning prizes!!! Each Saturday morning, three different ‘Feud’ questions will be posted to the Facebook group. You may answer the questions in the comment section (up to 5 answers per commenter). 

The following Friday, the correct answers will be listed. Every four weeks, we will hold a drawing for two monthly prizes. First place each month wins a $50 Amazon gift card. Second place wins an ebook by each of the 10 FFF authors. Feel free to post comments or questions to the group, as long as they stay on topic (posts about the group itself, the authors, family feud questions, books, etc)

Find the group on Facebook where more specific details are posted. 

The participating authors write in paranormal, suspense, young adult, scifi romance, romantic suspense, sweet contemporary, historical romance and are (in addition to me): Alicia Dean (Alice Robertson Clary), Diane Burton, M.J. Schiller, Kathy L. Wheeler, Constance Bretes, Leah St. James, Nancy Fraser, Diana Layne, and Patricia Kiyono. 

Author websites where you can gain more entries:
Diane Burton: Fiction Fanatics Feud
MJ Schiller, Romance Author: FICTION FANATICS FEUD!
Fiction Fanatics Feud-There's a New Game In Town! #FicFanFeud
Just for Fun
Connie Bretes
Leah St. James
Patricia Kiyono - Creative Hodgepodge
Nancy Fraser

To enter from here, I ask that you find the special themed image for the month. Once you've done that, send Alicia Dean a private Facebook message with the URL of where you found the image. Click on the rafflecopter link below for more entries.

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